2016 Panini Prestige Football Hobby Box NFL

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Factory Sealed 2016 Panini Prestige Football Hobby Box mit 4 Packs Per Box, 40 Cards Per Pack.... mehr
Produktinformationen "2016 Panini Prestige Football Hobby Box NFL"
Factory Sealed 2016 Panini Prestige Football Hobby Box mit 4 Packs Per Box, 40 Cards Per Pack.
4 Autogramme, 4 Parallel Cards und 40 Rookie Cards per Box !!
Find the following 24 inserts PER BOX:
- 4 NFL Passport
- 4 Draft Big Board,
- 4 Blue Chip Recruits
- 4 Banner Season,
- 1 Team Logo
- 1 NFL Shield
- 1 All-American,
- 1 Inside the Numbers
- 2 Draft Picks
- 2 Super Bowl Heroes
First Rookie Cards with 2016 draft information!
Look for Draft Day Signatures, which feature on-card autographs from the Rookie Premier. These cards will also feature rare red ink and green ink variations.
10 Rookie cards per pack and the return of short-printed rookies!
In addition, each hobby pack contains one parallel and six inserts!
BASE: 2016 Prestige Football features a redesigned base card focused on full-bleed photography of the top players in the game today.
ROOKIES: Look for updated draft information for all rookie cards in 2016 Prestige! There are 100 total rookies, with 10 short-prints versions that fall two per case!
XTRA POINTS: The popular Xtra Points parallel makes its annual return to Prestige football.
Look for the following colors: Red, Purple (#'d/100), Gold (#'d/50), Platinum (#'d/25) and Black (#'d/10).
ROOKIE SIGNATURES: Look for autographed rookies from the top players of the 2016 NFL Draft Class, along with the following autographed parallels: Xtra Points Red, Purple, Gold, Platinum and
Black (#'d/10).
Veteran Signatures: Many of the top current players in the NFL are featured in this autograph insert. Look for Xtra Points autographed parallels, including the Black version (#'d/5).
Banner Season Ink: This autographed set features past and present players and focuses on
stats from one of their banner seasons. These autographed cards are #'d/50.
DRAFT DAY SIGNATURES: These hard-signed autographed cards feature some of the top rookies from the 2016 NFL Draft class. Look for short-printed red ink and green ink variations!
Super Bowl Heroes: 2016 Prestige features the return of the popular Super Bowl Heroes
micro-etched insert. Look for these legends from the past all the way up to Super Bowl 50.
NFL Shield Die Cut: The popular plastic NFL Shield insert returns this year and also features
a die-cut version (#'d/25).
Sport: NFL - American Football
Produktkategorie: Trading Cards
Marke: Panini
Abteilung: Sammelkarten
Jahr: 2016
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